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About CCU

Communications Consumers United (CCU) is a not-for-profit consumer advocacy organization that focuses on identifying and supporting policies that ensure universal access to advanced communications products and services across the United States. CCU organizes against unfair policies that obstruct adoption and deny affordable access to low-income and minority consumers. CCU is in support of policies whose outcomes support adoption, communications infrastructure deployment and ubiquitous service for all consumers, particularly low income and minority Americans.

CCU works to increase technology adoption rates in minority, urban and rural communities and promotes the utility of technology in daily life. CCU’s primary goal is the complete eradication of polices that act as barriers to the deployment of communications products and services. Included among these are regressive taxes and excessive regulatory burdens that reduce adoption and use by minority, rural and low-income communities.

CCU champions the rapid deployment of advanced communications by way of consumer-driven models and advocates for communications policies that ensure the greatest degree of access and adoption of innovative products and services for all consumers. In addition, CCU employs a messaging campaign that cautions against any government or corporate policies that increase cost, impede deployment, limit consumer access and reduce affordability.

To this end, CCU works with public policy makers to ensure that progress is made in providing universal and affordable access to vital technologies by the advanced communications industry.   Similarly, CCU educates consumers and organizes grassroots advocacy efforts, all of which seek to empower consumers with the abilities and confidence to speak on critical communication issues.  CCU’s goal is 100% adoption rates across all communities.


As founder and chairwoman of Communications Consumers United (CCU), Dr. Vera McIntyre recognized that access to affordable communication services is critical in what has now become a technologically dependent world. Dr. Vera McIntyre is a champion who is fighting for services for people who face discrimination. She seeks to empower families, youth, minorities, and low-income residents. As a radio personality and talk show host, she has challenged her audience to improve their awareness of world events. She advocates self-sufficiency and promotes professional and personal growth through enhanced education.

DeVan Hankerson is the Co-Chair of Communications Consumers United.  DeVan’s commitment to issues of digital inclusion and the proliferation of advanced telecommunications systems has seen her engage with organizations in the U.S. and the Middle East & North Africa region.

Her work has focused on promoting digital literacy education and analyzing government policies and regulations that have led to low adoption and access. She has worked in advocacy focused organizations and strategy development for non-profits as well as in the public/private partnership arena with small business support agencies.

DeVan also has 6 years of experience in the digital media development sector, she is U.S. Foreign Language Fellow and is vigorously engaged in the national discussion on issues of Universal Service and the economic viability of low-income markets. DeVan holds her Masters in Trade Policy with a specialization in the Telecommunications sector from the School of International Policy and Management at the Monterey Institute, a graduate school of Middlebury College. She received her BA in Psychology and Linguistics from Vassar College, in 2006. Prior to working with CCU, DeVan was a visiting Economic Researcher at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce.